Ourselves Makers

Actually the word “Startup” has become “Mainstream”, so it appears not in the bloggers dedicated site  but also in the best-known channels of communication: television, print, and so on. Many people disagree about the future of this phenomenon, and often cite numbers and circumstances in favor of their opinion : 98% of startups fail within the first three years!

6a00d8341bfb1653ef01a511ba63de970c-christopher-nolan-s-interstellar-scientific-vision-makes-revolutionary-movie Let’s say that in principle these objections may have a reason for their existence (although it remains the typical annoying italian-style “gufismo” that characterizes Italians when some new phenomenon on the horizon); from a purely economic analysis is true, the new startup often do not pass the first year of life; nevertheless, this objection does not grasp the essence of what is happening and what will happen in the future: that is changing the way we work and to stand against the world of work. Up to 5-6 years ago the horizon prospective career of a university graduate or MBA seen as the only possibility for the future to make a career in a corporation. Now this perception is changed, because the technology has enabled new social paradigms that are transforming everything: how you get to work, how do you assess a job, as you go to work.

buio_png_1003x0_crop_q85.jpgBusiness paradigma are changing: think, for example, to new forms of access to finance (ex: peer-to-peer landing, crowdfunding, etc) that can help bypass the banking channel; rather like the search of a new job, which attualy is made from the people using social tools like Linkedin or Glassdoor; the people are more and more “active” than years ago, they constantly search useful information useful before to make a choice. And it is this new awareness, this return to the “private-initiative” that the fact is recreating an entrepreneurial culture among new and less new social communities, after years of cultural hegemony of the safe “working in a bank”, with which many of our generation are grown.

The “Makers” are not only those who enabled by technology are paving the way to the end of the culture of the Taylorist division of labor, but all of us it’a a potential “Makers”: an Itself Maker.


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